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Math Lab

Welcome to Jones Junior High School and the 2018-2019 school year!  Hopefully, your child is looking forward to the opportunity he/she has to strengthen his/her math skills in Math Lab this year.

About Math Lab

I am excited to be working with your child to help them develop academic success in mathematics.  Your child was selected for Math Lab, a one semester class, in order to help him/her strengthen his/her foundational math skills which are necessary for increasing academic progress in math.  With hard work, dedication, and diligence one of the benefits of Math Lab will be the progress your child makes in being closer to or at grade level in math.


One of the most exciting aspects of Math Lab is that each student will spend time each week working individually on laptop computers in our classroom.  Math Lab is designed to utilize an online program called ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces).  “ALEKS is a powerful, online math program that provides truly individualized learning and assessment with standards-based content.  Through highly targeted instruction and continuous assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized learning path on the exact topics a student is most ready to learn.”


In addition to working on the laptops, students will be working in a whole group, small groups, and individually with the teacher to also improve their skills in areas such as whole numbers, fractions, decimals, memorization of math facts, and solving equations.

 Class Room Rules

In order to provide a safe, productive learning environment for all students, the class room rules need to be followed:


  1. Be in your seat and ready to work before the bell rings.
  2. No food, no drinks, and no gum in class.
  3. Follow all computer lab rules including only using approved math sites while on the computer.
  4. Listen to and follow all directions.
  5. Stay in your seat.
  6. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
  7. Follow all school rules (see Agenda).

Class Room Consequences

When a student chooses to break a class room rule or a school rule, it will result in one of the following consequences:


  • Being held after class                                                        ·  Brunch, lunch, or after school detention
  • Student/teacher conference                                               ·  Telephone call and/or note home
  • Parent/student/teacher conference                                     ·  Class room visit by parent/guardian
  • Discontinued use of laptop                                                 ·  Accountability paper
  • Office referral                                                                    ·  Loss of Accountability points

Tardy Policy

As stated in the class room rules, students are expected to be in their seats and ready to work before the bell rings.  Students out of their seat when the bell rings will be considered tardy.


Consequences for tardiness will result in the loss of accountability points as well as one of the following: brunch/lunch/after school detention, a note home, a call home, a parent conference, an accountability paper, and habitually tardy students will be given an office referral.


Required Materials

  • Pencils and erasers             ·  Journal (provided)                 ·  Agenda (provided)            ·  Pocket folder (provided)


Grades are based on in-class assignments, ALEKS, math facts, and accountability. 


In-Class Assignments (35% of grade) will consist of any tasks or activities assigned in class during whole group, small group, or individual instruction with the teacher.  Each week at least one independent worksheet will be assigned.  These lessons will be expected to be completed during class.  There will be very few take home assignments.


ALEKS (35% of grade) will consist of students meeting weekly time and topic goals as well as periodic tests.  If students use non-approved internet websites or programs on their laptops there grade on ALEKS and their accountability will be negatively impacted.


Math Facts (10% of grade) will be timed tests on the basic math facts using the ALEKS program called QuickTables which is “a research-based, math fact mastery program for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.”  It will also include time spent practicing their math facts on QuickTables.


Accountability (20% of grade) will be graded based on completion of assignments, completion of ALEKS goals, QuickTables, student behavior, participation, tardiness, absences, cooperation, and following of all class room rules.

Grade Scale                Weight Scale

100% -- 90%   A           Assignments - 35%

  89% -- 80%   B          ALEKS – 35%

  79% -- 70%   C          Math Facts – 10%

  69% -- 60%   D          Accountability – 20%

  59% -- 0%     F                     


Online Gradebook at Illuminate

Your child’s math lab grade will be available through an online gradebook called IlluminateI will post weekly announcements on Illuminate as well as document behavior and academic concerns as a part of their Accountability grade.


If you have used Illuminate previously, your same password should be able to log you in to your child’s grade.  I will update your child’s grade at least once a week.  The school can provide parents with training on how to access your child’s grade through Illuminate.  Please contact the front office for more details.

Teacher: Ms. Nagamine
Subjects: Math 7 and Math Lab
Years at Jones: 20 years
Room: A3
email: [email protected]
School Phone: (626) 962-8312
Conference time: 
3rd period
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Wednesday from 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM