District Spotlight: Jones Middle School Teacher Conquers Boston Marathon

The Baldwin Park Unified School District is proud to spotlight Jones Middle School PE Teacher John Carrell for showcasing determination and perseverance while completing the 2024 Boston Marathon. This year marked the 128th Annual Boston Marathon, known for its rigorous qualification process, and challenging course. Carell’s feat of completing the 26.2-mile marathon serves as an inspiration to the school community and embodies the values BPUSD aims to instill in their students. 

Carrell currently serves as a PE teacher for sixth and seventh grade, and also coaches the before- and after-school Mile Club. The Mile Club at Jones Middle School provides students with an opportunity to set goals and run in a supportive environment. As they reach running milestones of 25, 50, 75, and 100 miles, students earn special incentives such as unique running gear. This year, there are approximately 50 students participating in the Mile Club. During PE and the Mile Club, Carrell dedicates time to record and work on his students’ speed and distance goals to help them improve. Every morning, he joins the Mile Club students for their runs, aiming to inspire them further and provide them with added support.

“My students see me running everyday in the morning during Mile Club. I hope they learn that it takes consistency and hard work to achieve your goals, but it's okay to fail. A lot of students get down on themselves for not accomplishing what they want to, but the important thing is your character to get back up and try again,” Jones Middle School PE Teacher John Carrell said.

Carrell, who has been a teacher at Jones Middle School for six years, has had a passion for running since high school. Throughout college, he was an active track and field athlete at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, and continued to run after graduation. Participating in the Boston Marathon was always a “bucket list” item for him, but it wasn't until after the year 2020 that he fully leaned into running again.

“It just kind of naturally happened after I completed the Los Angeles Marathon and I qualified for Boston. It was a unique experience,” Carrell said. 

Carrell completed the Boston Marathon in an impressive time of two hours and 46 minutes. This marks Carrell’s third full marathon including the Los Angeles Marathon, and the California International Marathon in Sacramento. “My advice to anyone who wants to pursue running or a marathon, is to set a goal and create a plan. Be consistent about it.” Carrell said. 

“Mr. Carrell is a great role model and teacher to our students. He is dedicated to helping them improve and achieve their goals,” Jones Middle School Principal Lorena S. Chavira said. 

In celebrating Carrell’s success, BPUSD reaffirms its commitment to fostering resilience and excellence, inspiring every student to reach their fullest potential. 



BPUSD_PE Teacher J Carrell 1: Jones Middle School Physical Education (PE) Teacher John Carrell poses for a photo with some of the Mile Club students.


BPUSD_PE Teacher J Carrell 2: Jones Middle School Physical Education (PE) Teacher John Carrell crosses the 2024 Boston Marathon finish line.

BPUSD_PE Teacher J Carrell 3: Jones Middle School Physical Education (PE) Teacher John Carrell poses for a photo at the 2024 Boston Marathon.