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Academic Information

Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader (AR) is used in all Language Arts classes. All students are expected to read for at least 30 minutes each evening. Students in Honors Language Arts classes are expected to read an additional 30 minutes for a total of 60 minutes each evening. Students are given a personal goal each grading period and need to be passing quizzes to reach the goal. There will be school-wide incentives for students meeting a certain number of required words.
Agenda/Student and Parent Handbook
As part of our home-school compact, this agenda and related materials are provided to help you be successful at Jones. Students are required to bring the agenda to school and use it in each class, every day. Do not deface, destroy, or remove pages from the Agenda. If the agenda is lost or defaced, a $5.00 fee will be charged for a replacement.
Academic and citizenship grades are given at the conclusion of each six-week grading period.
Grading Scale Citizenship & Work Habits Rubric
A - Outstanding
- Above Average
C - Average
D - Below Average
- Little or No Achievement
Needs to Improve
Checking your Grades in Synergy
It is important to stay on top of your assignments and be aware of your grades.  Teachers post their grades in Synergy, a web-based gradebook.  Students and parents may visit the website listed below from home and log in with their school ID number (students or email (parents) and password to access up-to-date grades.  Please contact our Home Liaison if you have questions or are unable to log in for any reason.
Phi Sigma Honor Society
Students demonstrating good citizenship as indicated by no N’s or U’s and at least three O’s on their report cards/progress reports will become members of the Phi Sigma Honor Society and will receive periodic treats. Students who remain eligible for 4 out of the 5 grading periods may receive special recognition.
Scholarship and Citizenship
At Jones, academic achievement and good citizenship are recognized by a selection of honors. Honors that can be earned are as follows:
•    Principal’s Honor Roll (GPA of 4.0-3.5)
•    Honor Roll (GPA of 3.4-3.0)
All eligible students will be recognized at the semester and end-of-the-year ceremonies.